Join us at the Boston Common on May 16th, 2015 to celebrate “All Aboard The Arc!”

Become a rider and travel with us by supporting the Center of Hope Foundation with a direct donation or help a current fundraiser to meet their goals.  All monies raised through the Center of Hope Foundation will stay within the agency and they are tax deductible.  Watch the above video for more information and contact Marie Barse if you would like to participate in some way. 


To hope is fundamental to the human condition.  We hope for the well-being of our families, caring relationships, financial wholeness, health and productivity.  We hope for the prosperity of our friends, neighbors and community.  We even hope for peace and stability for the larger world around us.

Our vision at the Center of Hope Foundation is to foster the fulfillment of this hope by broadening our scope of care with the provision of an expanding safety net of resources, advocacy and services to an ever widening circle of individuals and families facing disabilities or disabling circumstances.

Our goals are to assist:

  • Those who desire to overcome barriers to opportunity
  • Those who need critical supports to prevail over disadvantages
  • Those who seek meaningful skills and work with the ultimate purpose of achieving and preserving the prospect of fulfilled lives

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2013 – 2018 Strategic Plan

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