Hoyt Foundation New England donates $15,000 to the Center of Hope

On December 10, 2013 the Center of Hope Foundation held the last of 2013’s monthly Sandwich and Social event.   This event offers anyone from the community a tour of the facility located at 100 Foster Street, Southbridge, MA.  On this particular day, Dick and Rick Hoyt, Team Hoyt New England’s office manager, Kathy, Rick’s care provider Jessica, and “Angel” runner Michael DiDonato for Kyle Brodeur all attended the social.  Through the years, the Hoyt family has been instrumental in the betterment of services for people with disabilities.  They have set the bar by saying “Yes, You can!” and have opened the eyes of people to the vast possibilities people with disabilities may have with a little bit of help from others.  Although the Hoyt family is no stranger to the Center of Hope and the programs provided, they were interested in hearing and seeing the latest endeavors in business growth, vocational integration, program developments, and community involvement.

Team Hoyt New England has been an active participant at the Center’s Gobble, Gobble, Road Race.  Team Hoyt has designed a road race chair in collaboration with Michael DiDonato, of Southbridge Tool & Manufacturing.  Together they have partnered with the Center of Hope’s subsidiary Noress Corporation, for the packaging of the race chairs.  After the tour, the event participants gathered together to share insights and much to the Center of Hope’s surprise, witness the generosity of the Team Hoyt Foundation – New England.  Rick Hoyt asked to say a few words, and through his computer software spoke these words… “On behalf of the Team Hoyt Foundation, we would like to present the Center of Hope Foundation with a check for $15,000.”

Many gasps of breath could be heard and several eyes shed tears of joy.  There was a scurrying about to gather more people to the conference room to hear the good news.  Cindy Howard, Director of Operations, asked if there was a particular program they would like the Center to disperse this gift to.  Collectively the Hoyt family agreed the Center of Hope could make that decision based on need and what would serve the agency the best.  Considerations on how to best use this generous donation are being discussed.

The Center of Hope Foundation would like to extend their greatest appreciation to Team Hoyt Foundation – New England for their continual support and participation and most generous donation.  Together, “yes WE can” strive for better care, education and development of opportunities for people with disabilities.  Thank you once again.