Annual Golf Tournament 2014 Recap

Center of Hope Annual Golf Tournament

Originally the Center of Hope’s Golf Tournament was planned for August 13, 2014 at the Heritage Country Club located in Charlton, MA.  Unfortunately Mother Nature took over and a tournament of Boating would have been better suited for that day.  Marie Barse, CoHF Fund-raiser Director, and Heritage Country Club quickly put into action a new plan to reschedule the annual tournament two weeks later.  On this day, August 27, 2014 the weather couldn’t have been better at 90 degrees and a comfortable breeze to offset the heat. 

Sixteen teams gathered together to support our Special Olympic – Recreational and Holiday Giving Programs.  The Center of Hope currently has 4 – 5 unified teams per seasonal event.  100% of the cost of practicing, equipment, uniforms and traveling expenses for Special Olympics’ Qualifier and State Game participations are covered by fundraising monies.  Also many families affiliated with or have been referred to the Center of Hope Foundation who are in need of help during the holiday season will benefit from our Holiday Giving Program.  

Our event “Hole in One” sponsors Incom and Southbridge Savings Bank joined together in a foursome of their own and won the Champion Green Jacket’s for the 2nd year in a row.  Our event is designed for every type of golfer.  With a best ball outline each player has an opportunity to shoot and the team selects the best playing ball to continue.  Throughout the day several holes added fund-raising incentives to help the teams overall game.  A few of the crowd pleasers were the “Vegas Hole Double or Nothing” – bet an amount, hit it on the green and win double your bet and “Hole-y-Craps” – roll a 7 or 11 and take a stroke off your game. 

This year our raffle prizes were donated by twenty individuals/businesses which offered a variety of options.  Many had their eye on the wheel of scratch tickets, stainless grill and golf laser range finder.  Our goodie bags were filled to the rim with treats to tie everyone over until dinner and promotional items such as koozies to keep their drinks cold and an extra set of golf balls just in case a few players lost theirs in the trees. 

Over all everyone had a wonderful day and the Center of Hope would like to thank everyone once again who not only participated in the event, but who may have sponsored, donated and volunteered to help make this a successful day.