DDS State-wide Advisory Council – State House – March 17th – 10 am.

The Center of Hope will be coordinating transportation to people interested in attending the following event:

DDS State-wide Advisory Council are presenting awards at the State House on March 17th at the Great Hall at 10 am.

Among awards that will be presented,  David and Sharon Pfeiffer are being recognized for the amazing care that they provide the ladies (Donna and Susan) that have become part of their family.  Donna spent years residentially placed, but now enjoys the reality of living in the community with a family that loves her unconditionally.  The dedication and genuine devotion that David and Sharon provide the ladies is an inspiration filled with love and affection – the cost?  Priceless!!!  The savings?  Amazingly cost effective.

Many know Donna from SDH- if Donna is willing to make the trip in to Boston, can you be there to support her, please?

If you have the opportunity to meet with your legislator, won’t he/she be impressed with the success stories of your amazing family!

What do you want to discuss?

The success of the programs that provide supports must be made obvious to our representatives – just your presence will show your belief that legislative support is necessary and funding is crucial.  Our legislators need to see how important the issues facing DDS cuts will challenge the system that provide supports for your loved one.  Please come to Boston for a celebration and to be seen!!


If you are interested in going please contact Nancy Moore at 508-764-4085 ext. 654