The Amazing Fuzzy Kitties

Every Monday, a group of five Project Hope members from the Center of Hope Foundation (CoHF) visits the “Here Today, Adopted Tomorrow” cat shelter located at 180 Sturbridge Road, Broomfield, MA.  The members complete a variety of tasks starting with picking up their toys off the floors and cleaning the beds.  All of the food and litter boxes must be cleaned and replaced as well, followed by sweeping and mopping the floors.  Windows and shelves are also wiped down, and at the end of all this hard work the Project Hope members have a chance to socialize with the cats.  There are a few cats that are feral, so our members must be careful while handling certain cats, but over all the kitties are very friendly and just want to be loved and played with.

Kristina Armstrong recently adopted a kitty from the cat shelter and named her Willow. “She’s really nice and she follows me everywhere, and sleeps on my head!” says Kristina.