Viridian Energy CoHF Partnership

viridan-logoWelcome to Viridian Energy!  The Center of Hope Foundation is excited to partner with an energy resource that supports a positive impact on the environment and our nation’s economy by creating 50% to 100% renewable green energy through avenues such as wind, solar and natural gas.  This unique relationship between Viridian Energy and the Center of Hope Foundation gives our supporters a chance to sign up for responsible energy at affordable prices, while also helping our organization earn money to support our mission and programs. By signing up under the Center of Hope Foundation, we will receive income from Viridian each month our supporters pay their utility bill. How is this possible?  Deregulated energy markets have allowed the consumer an opportunity to choose where they receive their energy from without having to change their utility for delivery, service and billing.  In just a few minutes you can switch your energy supplier  on our site sending you on your way to cleaner, more affordable energy for your home or small business.


Sheila McCormick – CoHF Viridian Representative