Self-Advocacy promotes empowerment.  Building Bridges

*** Building Bridges voted to NOT meet in July and August of 2016

Meets on the third Tuesday of every month
Noon – 1 p.m.
Jacob Edwards Library, Southbridge, MA

Building Bridges Agenda June 2016

The Center of Hope Foundation supports Building Bridges, an organized Self-Advocacy Group, which is facilitated by CoHF staff and comprised of individuals with disabilities.  Self Advocate groups are an unique and supportive way for persons with disabilities to meet, share ideas and support each other, while enhancing their lives and developing skills to advocate for themselves and others with disabilities.

Building Bridges is active politically and provides information regarding Government and Legislative issues, Arc information, MASS Regional and CAB topics.  Its members have spoken at Legislative Breakfasts, met their Representatives and Senators at The State House and have utilized local media to influence public opinion regarding persons with disabilities.  Building Bridges discusses issues that affect services necessary for program members.  The goal is to increase awareness and promote involvement regarding legislative, residential and governmental rights and responsibilities across every program.

Topics of discussion have included:

  • Understanding  Service Acronyms ( DMR, DMH, DDS, SSI, SSDI, etc)
  • Alerts/assistance to contact government officials regarding specific legislation.
  • Guardianship/Conservatorship Information
  • Housing Options
  • Voting assistance
  • Human Rights
  • Diversity
  • Transportation
  • Other issues/concerns

Rainbow Group is Back!  

Join the North Central MA Rainbow Support Group at their first meeting on Wednesday, February 17, 2016 from 6 – 7 pm at Becket Family of Services, 780 Main Street, Fitchburg, MA 01420.

This is a safe place for individuals with intellectual challenges that identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or are questionings their sexuality

Agenda:   This is the first meeting. Expect to meet new people and help plan the future of this group. Snacks and light refreshments will be provided. No RSVP needed.

Contact: John Horgan – – (774)312-3851


Public Transportation Information 

REDD (Right, Equality and Dignity for a Disability) Transportation Update- If you have concerns or suggestions to improve the current transportation system contact REDD.  To voice concerns regarding transportation contact:  Debbie Malone REDD Chair- 774-670-3703

WRTA has created a BUS ROUTE through Southbridge- the schedule is posted in various areas within COH.  WRTA offers a transportation training program to TEACH people how to ride the bus, how to use it as a connector to Auburn or Worcester and beyond..the training is FREE!  Everyone interested should get out there and flag down the BUS or contact WRTA for more information on learning how to use the bus!  If we don’t use it- we will lose it!  This is a fabulous opportunity to develop independence and freedom.


Nancy Moore 

P.O. Box 66, 100 Foster Street
Southbridge, MA 01550
Telephone: 508-764-4085 Ext. 654