Day Habilitation

The Center of Hope Foundation operates four Day Habilitation Programs in Southbridge, MA.  All offer program member specific skill trainings, as well as community access outings.


  • An individual is typically referred to the program by a DDS service coordinator.  The individual must be at least 18 years old, qualify for DDS services or have a developmental disability and possess a Mass Health Card for funding purposes.  After the initial referral, the intake and admission team reviews the referral and determines whether the individual is appropriate for Day Habilitation or one of our other programs within the Center of Hope Foundation.  Once accepted to the program an ISP (individual service plan) or ITP (individual transitional plan) must be forwarded to the program, as well as any pertinent medical information.  The individual should have a physical examination completed within 3 months of the start date and must have a negative TB (Mantoux) test completed within the year prior to the start date.
  • Supports are provided in the areas of self monitoring of health and nutrition, self help development, sensorimotor development, communication, social development, safety skills for the home, work and community, use of community resources, affective development and behavior development.
  • Throughout the month, community access trips are provided to compliment skills training goals.  This may include banking, eating in a restaurant, library visits, or tours of local municipal buildings such as the police and fire station.
  • The Center of Hope Foundation Day Habilitation Program provides full time R.N. coverage as well as OT, PT and speech consultation.  We staff a full time Clinical Director as well as a part time Master’s Level Counselor. Individual counseling as well as focus groups for men and women occur within the program.
  • Lunch programs are offered to all it’s Day Habilitation members.  Lunch is prepared daily by our ServeSafe Kitchen at West Street Day Hab staff and is then delivered to all of the programs.  If interested in receiving lunch, one can bring $2.00 in each day or send in a check for $40.00 each month to cover the cost.  If money is owed, a bill will be sent out until payment has been received.  Make checks payable to Center of Hope Foundation and mail to Center of Hope, P.O. Box 66, Southbridge, MA 01550.


Center of Hope Day Hab

Amanda Cournoyer
Program Director

Quinebaug River Day Hab

Michelle Chapdelaine
Program Administrator

Southbridge Day Hab

Julie Monette
Program Director

West Street Day Hab

Monique Chapdelaine
Program Administrator

Chad Krause – Vice President of Day Programs

P.O. Box 66, 100 Foster Street
Southbridge, Massachusetts 01550
Direct Dial: 508-909-7693
Direct Fax: 855-784-1315
Telephone: 508-764-4085 Ext. 643