Center of Hope Day Habilitation

The Center of Hope Day Habilitation program provides support to individuals with a wide variety of
needs and abilities.

Much of the skills training curriculum in this program focuses on independent living skills. There are
diverse opportunities for community integration through volunteerism and community access trips.
Activities such as swimming, bowling, going to concerts and museums, as well as going on lunch trips
provide opportunities for program members to practice the skills they are learning in the program.
Reverse integration has also been found to be an essential part of this program through activities such
as karaoke and interactive drum circles. The program also has an annual talent show where families and
providers are invited to watch the performance.

There are opportunities for program members to complete volunteer and vocational work through our
Employment Supports Program.

The program also has full time nursing which is critical for medication distribution, as well as maintaining the health and well-being of each program member.


Kristine Bauce, Program Administrator

P.O. 66, 1 North Street
Southbridge, MA 01550
Direct Dial: 508-909-7969
Direct Fax: 855-787-2607
Telephone: 508-764-4085 Ext. 644