Quinebaug River Day Habilitation

The Quinebaug River Day Habilitation (QRDH) Program is designed to be as unique as the individuals we serve.

The program is designed for participants with a wide range of diagnosis commonly associated with the Autism Spectrum Disorder including expressive communication deficits, maladaptive behaviors, and sensory concerns. The program does this by tailoring our environment, staffing and skills training curriculum.  QRDH offers a learning environment that is sensory neutral with respect to color and acoustics. Training rooms are small and plentiful to accommodate multiple quiet skills trainings. Special areas are designated to allow for group or individual relaxation time should over stimulation occur.

Sensory integration programming is also provided to participants who may have auditory, visual, tactile, proprioceptive or vestibular issues.  Quinebaug River’s staffing ratio is designed to afford hand over hand assistance to a small population.  A large percentage of our population receives one to one staffing to accommodate their needs.  Our staff are specially trained in behaviors to provide positive reinforcement for desired social behaviors.

Quinebaug River’s curriculum is focused on increasing Self Help, Communication, and Behavioral Skills.  We schedule a community access swimming trip each day to provide gross motor exercise, energy discharge, and sensory stimulation. Trainings are designed to integrate participants who may have problems communicating or remaining focused for extended periods of time.

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Carrie Kuszpa, Program Administrator/RN

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