Southbridge Day Habilitation

The Southbridge Day Habilitation (SDH) program serves individuals with medical and physical disabilities who require significant medical attention and personal care.

An emphasis on teaching life skills in a home-like setting will be found at this program.  SDH runs daily outings.  The program is designed to serve the older and more medically fragile population. The program offers a high staff to program member ratio to ensure that individual’s support needs are met.

The program offers a wide range of supports including feeding, bathroom assistance, range of motion and daily exercise as recommended by our physical and occupational therapists.  Program members can enjoy the outdoors in our lovely garden setting and can easily access the community from our location just off the Main Street of Southbridge.  Located on Walnut Street in Southbridge, the program is within walking distance of the local Library, YMCA, Subway and other restaurants.  There are wheelchair vans and mini-vans located at the program to ensure ease in accessing the community.

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Julie Monette, Program Administrator

38 Walnut Street
Southbridge, MA 01550
Telephone: 508-765-0977
Fax: 508-909-0083