West Street Day Habilitation

The West Street Day Habilitation (WSDH) is an off-site program that offers the same blended service model as Center of Hope Day Habilitation in a smaller more intimate setting.

West Street has a variety of diverse individuals with different need areas.  Individuals that attend this program range from completely independent to requiring full physical assistance in all support areas.  These areas of support include feeding, bathroom assistance, PT and OT recommendations and exercises.

The program offers a complete skills training schedule.  Some individuals are transported to the main facility and community sites for vocational and volunteer opportunities.  West Street has two lunches scheduled during the day to properly support the physical needs of the members that attend. The program offers full time nursing, which is critical for medication distribution, using g-tubes for feeding and maintaining the health and well-being of each individual.  Dining and personal care may require hand over hand assistance, as well as monitoring for safety reasons.

The skills trainings that are offered are catered to the learning style and intellectual capabilities for each individual.  Program members are also encouraged to sign up for community access trips, both local to the Southbridge community and beyond.  Team building exercises are performed by both staff and participants to ensure camaraderie and support for each other.

* CoHDH and WSDH offers flexibility to those funded for vocational work opportunities.

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Monique Chapdelaine, Program Administrator

40 West Street
Southbridge, MA 01550
Direct Dial: 508-909-7971
Direct Fax: 855-790-0887
Telephone: 508-765-5002