Special Olympic Program General Information

Practice Cancellation:
If practice needs to be cancelled due to inclement weather all athletes will be notified by 2:00 p.m.  The Therapeutic Recreational Director will make that call and all program locations will be alerted prior to PM transportation.  Please refrain from calling during the day or asking Center of Hope employees whether practice is occurring.  Softball team members should always plan on practice whether it is raining in the morning or not.

Certain sports participate in Qualifiers prior to the weekend-long games. You must participate in the Qualifier to go to the State Games.

State Games:
Many of the State games are overnight weekends.  Athletes must be able to stay in a room with a roommate and need only minimal staff supports.  Individuals who require more assistance can bring a family member/staff/one to one.  Arrangements for this must be made prior to the closing of registration for that sport so that beds are available.

Packing for State Game Weekends

Center of Hope Recreational Program will provide all athletes with transportation from the Center of Hope to the practice field.  Athletes should have a ride home from practice.  If this is a hardship, it is possible that we can help you, but you need to let us know this prior to the start of the program.

The Center of Hope does not charge any fee for participation in its Special Olympics Program; however we do ask that all athletes assist with our fundraising events.  The following fundraising events are dedicated to Special Olympics.  Please plan to attend/volunteer at, sell tickets for/sell items for:

The Spring Fling
The Golf Tournament
The Gobble Gobble Road Race
The Annual Snow Ball
Country for a Cause
Sales Programs: Tom Watts, Candle Sales, Calendar of Raffles