Transportation Services

Van drivers are not able to leave their vehicle to assist you from or into your home.  The drivers must remain within 10 feet of the vehicle at all times.

If you are unable to come to program you must notify your transportation service provider by 7:00 a.m.  If you are absent from transportation with no call or notice it may jeopardize your seat on the van.

Transportation is very limited and in high demand, therefore you must attend programs regularly to keep your seat.



How do I get Transportation Services?

The Center of Hope Foundation provides transportation services to more than 150 program members each day.  All transportation requests must be made through the Department of Developmental Services.  Contact your assigned Service Coordinator and they will file the appropriate paperwork.  Once the paperwork is filed with the Central Office, a Transportation Request will be sent out to the Center of Hope Foundation for approval or denial.  The Center of Hope Foundation will try to make every accommodation in order to begin transporting a new request. 


Is Transportation available for respite?

If you receive transportation from the Center of Hope Foundation and have made respite arrangements, you must notify your DDS Service Coordinator two weeks prior to the date and request a temporary change be submitted to DDS.  This is a requirement of both DDS and the transportation company the agency is contracted with.  Temporary transportation is available based on open seats on routes and can not be guaranteed.

Please note that any change in transportation must be reported to the Transportation Coordinator at the Center of Hope Foundation.

What is the agency’s policy on bad weather?

The Center of Hope Foundation will send out an automated phone call to notify individuals about delays/cancelations.   All interested parties should contact Pauline Davis to have their number added to the list.  You may also call the Center of Hope’s main number after 6 a.m. at 508-764-4085, hit extension 6 for weather cancellations.  Please make sure you listen to the entire message.  There may be some cases where transportation will be cancelled, however the program will remain open.  If you are able to arrange transportation in these cases to the program, you may attend.


During Hours of Operation

The decision to close the program early due to weather emergencies will be made by the Chief Executive Officer.  All residences will be informed of the intent to close.  The Program Director, R.N., or staff designee will phone each residence to request an early pick-up for you if you are transported by family or residential providers.  Program staff will also ensure that there will be someone home prior to transporting you home in the program vans.  If you are transported in a private vehicle we will notify your providers of any closings and request that you be picked up as soon as possible.

If you are transported by Center of Hope Foundation Transportation Services you will leave on your regularly assigned vans at a time designated by the Chief Executive Officer or designated staff person, only after ensuring that someone will be home to meet the van. 

Transportation Department

P.O Box 66, 100 Foster Street
Southbridge, MA 01550
Direct Dial: 508-909-7952
Direct Fax: 855-790-0883