Agency Businesses

Our small businesses are designed as training facilities and work experience opportunities for program members. These businesses offer services directly to the local community, while revenues generated provide additional funding for member programs.  Every business is staffed by experienced workers who are licensed, certified or trained in each business.  Core employees ensure a high quality product or service for each business, which provides an important set of affordable resources for our local community.  These businesses give agency program members an opportunity for training and work with the addition of staff supports in a variety of settings.  Many of our members achieve a high level of skill development and a remarkable work ethic that they transition and become valuable employees of local community businesses.  See Vocational Employment Services for more details.

Business Brochures and Palm Cards:

All Manner of Banners
Honest Town Postal & Print
Inquiry Systems – Direct Mail Marketing
Construction & Renovation
Clean Out & Removal Services
Yards of Hope – Lawn Maintenance
Shred of Hope – Document Shredding
Cans of Hope – Donation Redemption Program
Just the Details – Auto Detailing
Books & Beans Coffee Shop
Hope Sweet Hope – Fudge and Candy Shop
Hope’s Treasures Consignment Shop
Style Imperatives – Online Gift Store