Cans of Hope – Redemption

div cansofhopeLend a helping hand by participating in the Center of Hope Foundation’s efforts of recycling and redemption.

At no cost to local businesses, the Center of Hope Foundation’s Vocational Department will supply companies with collection boxes, and organize a routine pick-up day and time based on the participating company’s accumulation of cans per week/month.  As a bonus, it is considered a tax deductible donation and it becomes one less task for you to do.

Proceeds from donated redemptions will benefit individuals and families with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  The Center provides services to many individuals and families who are currently unable to have proper funding, as well as offer programs such as our sports and recreation which allows participation in Special Olympic events.

Currently, the Center provides support to over 600 families within 61 towns, and every year that number increases.  Please show your support in becoming “Environmentally Green”, while providing financial support to a local NON-PROFIT, whose mission is to help provide a more fulfilling life to individuals with disabilities.

To add your name to the pick-up schedule contact us at (508) 764-4085.