Clean Out and Removal

cleanoutremoval-divClean Out and Removal is a division of the Center of Hope Foundation’s Vocational Employment Department.  Clean Out and Removal gives individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities an opportunity to learn hands-on, specific skills training in an integrated work environment.  The development and execution of each individual’s skills are supported by a skilled job coach or supervisor and are fully insured.

The objective of the Center of Hope Foundation is to enable individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities the same opportunities others in our community have, through living the most fulfilling lives possible.

Our service involves fast, efficient, and environmentally safe removal options for unwanted clutter.  We offer removal services for both inside and outside properties.  Let us help you clear away unwanted items from your home, rental property or offices.

We are on time, reliable, and understand the importance of providing caring and professional work for a reasonable fee.  We offer free evaluations and price quotes on all prospective jobs.  Our time frames are flexible and will recycle all recyclable items, donate to local families all clean, usable items.  The Center of Hope Foundation services over 600 families with disabilities and our outreach is always extended beyond our walls.  Where there is a need, we will help.

Our services offer:
–  Boxes and packing materials for moving/storage
–  Removal/recycle old appliances, lawn equipment, and furniture
–  Preparation for rental properties, open houses, and foreclosures (removal and cleaning)
–  Self-storage unit, garage, shed, and basement clean outs
–  Old toys, sporting gear, clothes, dishes, etc

Whether you need all the contents of the property removed or assistance in sorting out only certain items you need to be removed, we can help.


Contact Information
Direct Dial: 508-764-4085 ext 638