Yards of Hope

div yardsofhopeYards of Hope is a division of the Center of Hope Foundation’s Vocational Employment Department.  Yards of Hope gives individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities an opportunity to learn hands-on, specific skills training in an integrated work environment.  The development and execution of each individual’s skills are supported by a skilled job coach or supervisor and are fully insured.

The objective of the Center of Hope Foundation is to enable individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities the same opportunities others in our community have, through living the most fulfilling lives possible.

Need A Helping Hand?

Our Yards of Hope services include lawn mowing, weed whacking, and gathering and removal of debris; perfect for seasonal preparation and cleanup projects.  Additional services may be discussed and priced per project.

Our services are an affordable resource not only for your personal property but also for second home properties such as rentals and aging family member’s homes.  Realtors find our services a way to help maintain sellable properties while on the market.

Contact Information:

Monday – Friday 8 AM – 3 PM
Direct Dial: 508-909-7939
Telephone: 508-764-4085 Ext 638