To hope is


to the human condition.

Family Support Services

The Center of Hope Foundation hosts a variety of events geared towards supporting families with children with disabilities.

Youth Support Services

We offer a unique program for youth under the age of 22 through referral from a child's DDS Service Coordinator.

Adult Support Services

Since 1956, the Center of Hope Foundation has offered a continually evolving list of services for persons with disabilities.

Agency Businesses

Our small agency businesses are designed as training facilities and serve as work experience opportunities for program members.

You can help make an important difference for a local family!

The Center of Hope Foundation

Our Hope

To hope is fundamental to the human condition. We hope for the well-being of our families, caring relationships, financial wholeness, health and productivity. We hope for the prosperity of our friends, neighbors and community. We even hope for peace and stability for the larger world around us.

Our vision at the Center of Hope Foundation is to foster the fulfillment of this hope by broadening our scope of care with the provision of an expanding safety net of resources, advocacy and services to an ever widening circle of individuals and families facing disabilities or disabling circumstances.

Our Goals

At the Center of Hope, our goals as a community are to:

• To assist those who desire to overcome barriers to opportunity.
• To assist those who need critical supports to prevail over disadvantages.
•To assist those who seek meaningful skills and work with the ultimate purpose of achieving and preserving the prospect of fulfilled lives.

Our Mission

The Center of Hope Foundation provides people with disabilities and their families the resources, services and opportunities to be contributing members of their communities, and to achieve the most fulfilling and meaningful lives possible.

Guiding Statements

•To foster the acquisition of those skills necessary for obtaining and maintaining a viable standard of living.
•To assist individuals with severe disabilities to develop and acquire the services and resources, which will allow them to meet their goals for meaningful and productive living.
•To facilitate the development of each person’s confidence and self-esteem crucial for one’s growth, development and independence.
•To assist with the development and nurturing of fulfilling relationships.

Our History

The Center of Hope Foundation began in 1956 with a small group of parents wishing to see that children with cognitive disabilities could be brought up at home with educational and other supports. It was incorporated in April of 1958 and shortly thereafter they opened a small nursery school named the Center of Hope.

Click here to read more about the center of hope foundation history

Our Generous Sponsors

The Hoyt Foundation

The Hoyt Foundation is one of the Center of Hope's main sponsors, and a local organization we are more than proud to partner with. The Hoyt Foundation and The Center of Hope share the same goal of furthering the education of people living with disabilities to become active members of their communities. Click to read more about our relationship with the Hoyt Foundation.

The Spinellis

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Spinelli have generously donated to the Center of Hope Foundation in order to help keep our services thriving. Their donations are in memory of Tony, Ursula, and John Spinelli. Click to read more about our relationship with the Spinellis.

Other Generous Sponsors

The Center of Hope Foundation is grateful beyond words for each and every one of our generous sponsors. Please click here for a list of all sponsors of our upcoming fundraiser, the 2017 Golf Tournament.


Charity Events & Videos

  • COH

Please join us by volunteering to BEAUTIFY SOUTHBRIDGE! April 21st, 2018 - 8:30 am to 12 pm (Rain date April 22nd) Meet at Town Hall - 41 Elm St - to receive trash collection bags and trash tracker forms, gloves, t-shirts, snacks and beverages. Pre-register your family/group/business today, or reach out with questions by calling the Health

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